College info geek 2014 yanehn review: data, results, and lessons

Last updated on October 2, 2018

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Let’ s fix it …

The year 2014 was a clear one, yes.

The site has grown massively (most of the growth targets were.

In this post I will be digging for the goals that I set for myself in 2014, how I began to build strong habits to achieve them and to actually show you the results of these efforts ..

This is a bit of the Info Geek College of Technology, which includes several things that readership specifically asked for …

You will also find some details of what I learned this year and who inspired me. Enjoy!If you look at it.

Look at the last few months since August, I have been constantly increasing my release every month. This month, I ended the year when I was strong.

These were not just blog entries; every Monday there were always published episodes of podcast, and 3 of the monthly posts were video-each of which held me at least 7-8 hours for production …

How did I increase my findings so much in the second half of 2014? Three ways, mostly:

  • I’ve been wearing myself.
  • I’m purposefully building.
  • At some point in the year, I started listening.

    ” My readers expect new content every week at a certain time, so I am confident that it will be published in those days. No matter what happens in my life, I will stick to the schedule and deliver it. “

    Until I listened to this episode, I never had a specific publication schedule. Of course, I had vague ideas about wanting to “publish at least two things a week,” but I never decided.

    As a result, I’ll just wait until I’m inspired to write something. For podcasts, I wouldn’t record until some guest caught my eye. The episodes were sporadic …

    I may have been a professional blogger from outside, but in terms of honoring my craft, I was an amateur. This is something writing.” The diletants are waiting until they are inspired to create. The professionals do it.

    After I listened to this episode of Sean’s podcast, I decided to become a professional. As I said earlier, I started planning content earlier-I looked at my different ideas in Evernote, chose the ones I wanted to write next, and schedule them on Google Calendar ..

    I defined it, too.

  • Mondays: Stuck episodes.
  • Tuesdays: Message blog.
  • Thursdays: Video and.
  • I didn’ t take that exact schedule right now, and I wasn’t 100% perfect even this month. However, what I did was build.

    Archives show a pattern of these spirals: in August, I published six pieces of content and kept moving closer to my target schedule. This month, I was just one post, embarrassed to publish every day, and it was related to Christmas (spending time with family is a good thing) ..

    Another thing that helped me get into this regular schedule.

    In addition to my desire to see a strict timetable for the creation of new things in 2014, I also set many other goals. As for CIG, the biggest goal I was focused on was

    In 2013 and the first half of 2014, the readership of the site did not grow much. She was pretty constant, which was enough to support me, but it had nothing to do with it, was it?I decided to sit down and get it in September.

  • Where the site is currently located.
  • Where I wanted to be a year.
  • The results of this wilful targeting are as follows:

    Of the seven metrics I wrote the targets for, I met these targets for five of them. Not only have these 5 objectives been achieved, but most of them have been achieved.

    Until this year, I have always been afraid to set specific targets for growth that include time frames. I held the same beliefs as many other content creators-you can’t predict which posts will be viral, growth slow, blah-blah-blah-

    Now, however, I understand the truth.

    ” Those who create things.

    Although it is true that you often cannot predict the particular things that you create, it will be successful, the fact of the publication itself increases the chances that some of them will be …

    That’s what happened to me. Although not all I created this year was surprisingly good, a few things.

    What other goals did I achieve in 2014? Here’s a sample of things that I crossed out.Made 15 takeoffs in one set-the same as the chin.

  • Developed a WordPress theme from scratch.
  • I helped break the world record.I’ve been visiting a few huge events.
  • It launched a regular show on YouTube and released 10 videos (I finished 2014 with 13, in fact).
  • In addition, I have made tons of progress on a number of other goals. I’m on my way to achieve my goal of winning every 910 song.

    I had a goal to write a book for a long time, so it’s cool to be so close to the finish …

    By the way, this book is called.

    I have this year.

    I learned a lot about habits this year, mostly from reading.

    From my detailed notes on the book (one of the habits I created in 2014 was.

    “The contributions to Keystone create” small wins “that help other habits to create new structures.”

    My own stone habit was.

    As you can see, I’ve developed.

    At this point, I’m not dragging myself into bed-this habit now makes me.

  • Reading for 15 minutes and making notes.
  • Walking on a 1-mile walk in a podcast audition.
  • Prepare a healthy breakfast.
  • We’re running a 7-minute workflow.
  • Meditation for 3 minutes.
  • Planning for the day in detail.
  • These habits, in turn, will further inspire me to succeed and advance me on the day of work with the mountain …

    Before I took this stream, I often woke up and looked through Reddit before trying to make myself work. I finish reading at about 8am and immediately start the scheduled work …

    There is a tool that helped me build these strong habits and stick to them, and this is a tool.

    The combination of the Stamp, the elements of the RPG and the party system helped me to bring to justice. Without that, I would certainly not be:

  • 500 words were written per day.
  • 40 times a day.
  • It takes a cold shower every day.He drank 44 oasis of water every day (I like my coffee).
  • It also helped bring together many readers from Info Geek College, which is shocking. I did.

    One of the biggest things that happened this year was add-on.

    I wanted to see video regularly, but I’ve always been paralyzed for lack of knowledge in the field of video, a bit of shy, and my terrible perfectionism. While I’ve made a lot of videos before (my brother and I have started a YouTube channel back in 2006 and have done a lot of stupidity), I’ve never made a structured video that covered the same themes as I’m blabbling about …

    In September, I gave up this perfectionism for the wind. I set up a camera and a tripod, lit up with nothing but a reading lamp, and spoke with the lens about eight minutes …

    Then I tried to use the Premiere Pro. I left a few graphs, created a simple final map after studying the ones that used some of my favorite YouTubeers like JonTron, and finally published my first regular video ..

    It’s all right. I knew I’d spoiled the sound, and since I didn’ t make any cuts, it was too long. Nevertheless, I did it and put it on the world to see …

    After that, I made a commitment to do more. I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve seen all the video in the Viscie library. I built my own set of budget coverage from Lowe, started to learn new editing techniques in the Premiere, and the District of 2014 from 13 videos on my channel (plus one thank-you video, which I don’t really consider)

    This is what happened:

    Most of this growth is due to the fact that this video about the victory over “I don’t feed like it,” mindset:.

    and make this video actually has me consistently motivating me to get the lack of motivation from me since I did this …

    The creation of these videos was very amusing, and I will continue to do one every week in 2015!

    I also had the opportunity to write about all the videos I learned on the Fizle blog at the post.

    In addition to creating a YouTube channel and writing my book, the other.

    If you have not read long, what CIG looked like before March this year is

    While I was proud of this design, it was dated and didn’ t look good on smartphones at all. In addition, the site grew and the design did not focus on.

    So, for the first time, I’ve decided to do a replanning.

    This time I started in Photoshop and developed every single element in some giant mockery before even touching the code …

    After my design came up a little bit, I did something else I’ve never done before-I let someone else help me build the theme …

    I’ve been online since I was 12, and I even worked at my school’s Web development department as a sophijacker. Given enough time, I probably could have taught myself how to code a responsive CSS and build the theme yourself …

    However, I realized that entrepreneurs who want to be successful should.

    So I decided to hire my roommate.All these jobs were paid, but we ended up with an incredibly smart website. Most of the Web sites that receive responsive reverse-engineering end up with a lot of small details that don’t take into account-pop-up windows that do not respond and break into design, bad menu designs that do not scale well, and so on.

    We’ve all taken care of this, and you won’t find a lot of broken things in the CIG, except for a few specialized posts that haven’t been updated. Check it if you want-there is even a smart code that hides the last element of the floating sidebar when the browser window is not large enough to show it ..

    From any singular project I’ve ever worked on, it’s easy to be the largest and possibly the one that I’m most proud of …

    Most of the success is related to the amazing skills of writing Martin and the ability to work around my perfectionist brain, so I have to give him a big shout! You should check his blog.

    I’ve always been very kind to myself. If I want to do something and I don’t know how to do it, I’ll go and teach myself. Because of this feature, I learned to do a lot of things that helped make this site a success …

    One of my weaknesses, however, has always been my inability to delegate some of these things.

    Martin was the first step in the right direction, but he was working on a project I did not have to issue until a specific deadline. I was able to get the contents of my heart before we launched …

    When I went to Dallas this year at Podcast, I was repeatedly told that I need to think about hiring people to take care of some things …

    It was hard, but I’m glad to say that I have overcome my perfectionism this year and brought two amazing team members! And now I will officially present them:

    Laura’s my bastard guest is an accountant. It helps me find guests for CIG Podcasts and develop new ideas, contact guests and prepare them for interviews …

    In 2015, she will also help me to make a reservation at universities across the United States.

    Laura also launches his own podcast called.

    Meg’s doing everything that’s connected to podcasts that aren’t related to the conversation. After I interview the guests and write my introsses, Meg edits the audio files, uploads them to our server, and writes the notes for each episode …

    As a senior in Savannah College of Art and Design, Meg has experience in a fairly large part of the Adobe products I have ever needed. She also runs her own design blog called.

    As CIG continues to grow, I may have even more opportunities for ambitious students and start-up entrepreneurs in 2015, so keep your eyes on the newsletter for more detailed information.

    2014 was my first.

    Although one of my biggest fears, as a pupil, was that I graduated and “rest on the laurels”-that is, become comfortable and stop studying. I am happy to say that this did not happen at all in 2014 …

    This year, a lot of my training was purchased with practical experience-I learned about the screws and disposals of Premiere Pro and how to set up the video coverage through the creation of my channel on YouTube, for example. I also learned a ton about design and UI/UX, working on the CIG redesign and exploring tons of other blogs for inspiration …

    However, I also learned a lot from books. I’m done.

    In 2012 and 2013, I crossed the ocean and explored Japan. I did not nod the country this year, but there was still a lot of trips. In total, I took 11 trips …

  • Camp Nerd Fitness finally met my friend.The World God Summit.
  • Personal/fun travel:

  • A door in the district, Vi for the Renaissance.North Minnesota to hang out on the lake with your friends.
  • RGBRAI-rode about 130 miles this year!
  • Disney Land for Anna’s birthday.
  • The house on the rock.
  • Ready to break in.

    Vet with TR in New York:

    Visiting the House on a cliff after reading.

    A meeting with Alice and Mad Hatchet with Anna:

    I’m looking into some new friends at Nerd Fitness and trying not to turn into a zombie.

    Just as most of the content on this site was in the form of Martin and the CIG team in 2014, much of what came out of my own head was a form of people that I look at …

    Here are some of the people I started to learn from and learn this year-thank you all for inspiration, guys.

    Again, it’s just a few people I met in 2014. I have a lot more than I owe for ideas, inspiration, and actual help-and as always, I encourage you to have an active meeting with new people in your own life!

    I’m sorry, Bobby. I just like wearing pants …

    This is all for the review this year!

    I hope that you enjoy seeing all the lessons and data for 2014-I think that the progress I have made in terms of habits and goals, in particular, may be useful to you. I know I’ll keep both of these.I have a ton planned for 2015, including (as I mentioned earlier), potential paths for you to participate in the work of CIG. Keep your eyes peeled!Some things you can do now:

  • Take a free copy of my book.Join me and 72 others in.
  • Leave a comment and tell me what your goals are for 2015!.
  • And finally, I want to give.

    You want to make better grades?You found this article useful?

    I’ll join us, and I will send you to

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